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Services from Salus Group
“There is an insurance agency around every corner, with access to the same plans and rates.  It’s not just the little things that set us apart – but more importantly, the BIG things.” 

The need for a Total Solution applies to all companies regardless of size, industry or economy.  The new world of healthcare has completely changed the landscape for employers.  Salus Group provides a suite of service offerings which sets us apart from the average benefits agency.  Salus Group is not just an employee benefit services consulting agency.  We are a full service administration center and compliance solution provider that has proven satisfaction with our clients.  Our job is to make your workday as easy as possible; to take the tedious, time consuming and complex pieces off of your plate. 

Relax.  We’ve got you covered.

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Latin: health, safety and well being; a wish for a person�s welfare