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Experience makes the difference

Each and every employee at Salus Group brings a wealth of employee benefits management experience and industry knowledge to provide Best-In-Class consulting services and support.
Salus Group Best in Class
Company Culture

Salus Group recognizes the importance of instituting a culture among all of its employees that encourages innovation, change and the same passion by each member regardless of position.  Our vision is for each employee to strive towards greatness and propel towards success.  To do this, each must go over and above status quo for each and every client. 

Employees are valued and encouraged to make their mark and make a difference in the organization.  In any relationship, whether it is with a client, vendor, or team member – be humble and appreciative.

Above all…do what is in the ABSOLUTE best interest of the client.






Gina Sheahan
Michael Buck
Michael Brillati
Bridget Fazzolara
Stacy Harris
Bryan Begola
Gwyn Street

Michale Brillati

Chief Executive Officer

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