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Our Principles are defined by our name

Salus Group
Salus Group Best in Class
Salus [sä-lüs]

Latin:  health, safety and well being; a wish for a person’s welfare.

Salus Group has maintained the utmost integrity by following this principle in every relationship we are involved in whether it be a Client, Employee, Partner, or Vendor.

Operating Philosophy

Our responsibility is to our clients.  We proactively evolve with changing markets to deliver best-in-class products and services.  We strive to:

  • Be “trusted advisors” to our clients
  • Treat our clients with respect and fairness
  • Be considerate and caring of people and places we visit
  • Always have honor and integrity in all our business relationships

Salus Group’s continued growth and achievements are cultivated by creativity, dedication to our clients and their employees, innovation, determination, steadfast core values, generosity, compassion and employees who love coming to work every day.

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Latin: health, safety and well being; a wish for a person�s welfare