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Volume 4, Issue 49 • December 7, 2011

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BCBSM group bills delayed for five days to accommodate new state claims tax; BCN Group and BCBSM/BCN individual bills released on normal schedule

As you know, BCBSM and BCN have been communicating to the sales team, customer groups and individual members about the new state claims tax that goes into effect on Jan. 1. Multiple billing processes and procedures have been changed to accommodate the new tax and to test systems.

Group Bills

Group bills are undergoing the final stages of verification to ensure the January bills reflect the new Michigan claims tax. The verification process has delayed the release of BCBSM group bills for five days past their normal release date of Dec. 8.

Here is the complete schedule of group billing release dates:

BCN Groups – Bills will be released as scheduled on Dec. 12 and are not delayed.

BCBSM MOS and Local Groups – Bills are delayed by five days and are scheduled to be released on Dec. 13.

Individual Bills

There were no delays in the release of individual bills. They are scheduled to be released as follows:

BCN – Bills will be released as scheduled on Dec. 12 and are not delayed.

BCBSM – Bills were released as scheduled on Dec. 6 with eBilling scheduled to be updated on Dec. 12.

As a reminder, the claims assessment will appear as a separate line item on the bills. We’re also including a billing stuffer (PDF) in all January bills reminding customers that their bill will now include the tax assessment. (The stuffer will not be included in Medigap bills.)

Any further changes to the bill release dates will be communicated should they occur.

You can read more about the Michigan Claims Tax here.

Questions? Contact your Salus Group agent at (866) 991-9907.  Thank you.

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